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Proof that marriage exists in the animal kingdom
An oldie but a goody..
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  •  Barbara Steuber Brodeur: 

    Hey Max, I think that picture says it all!!!! that was too funny.


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  •  James Ballard: 

    LOL...Feminists love to dodge the fact that in the lion hierarchy, females are the predator. Lions sleep most of the day..."Great White Hunters" (and native hunters as well) fear the female predator of about any mammalian species much more than the male...

    There's always an object lesson here that escapes most men, unless they live in the African savannas, or North American grisly territory. 

    Or they get "married", trapped in a antiquated property contract they never wanted to begin with.

    Wonder who the "trapper" is ? 

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  •  Bob Thomas: 

    Guess that is why I am happily divorced.

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  •  Donna Hodgdon: 

    this is so cool .  we loved it.  

     09.22.20171 replies1 replies 
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  •  Bill Higgins: 

    I can totally relate to that picture

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09.21.2017 (2438 days ago)
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