[email from Jim Johnson to Tim Lull]

I don't know if you remember Ronnie Buis, who went to Lee with us, but here is an article of interest. Sounds like we need to help him get reconnected with the VA and get him out of the trailer. I feel certain he isn't getting his benefits if he is in a trailer.

He was best friends with Donnie Bullard as I remember. They actually joined the USMC together as I recall, but that may or may not be true. I don't know if Donnie is dead or alive, but I know he wasn't KIA because they were some of the guys I told you about who went into the service and later returned to LHS.

In his case, I think Ronnie (and Donnie?) went back in again after LHS 67. Seems they were too young and got sent back home, then were brought back in the USMC after LHS. I, obviously, may be wrong regarding certain elements of their story. Wally Stewart (LHS 67) joined about that same time after graduation. He survived Viet Nam, but still cannot be located.

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  •  Greg Arndt: 
    Sometimes you can come home and leave the Nam behind but sometimes it catches back up. Stay strong my friend. This vet is rooting for ya. I've had my times with the VA also.
    Greg Arndt
    Nam 69-70
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