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"Evidence of Human Origin"...c. 1976
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  •  James Ballard: 

    "Evidence of Human Origin"

    ...was one of my entries in the Alabama Photographers' Association (APA) '77 annual contest.

    One of the judges, Jim Wright, a Florida photographer, was really taken by the photo, entered as "abstract" (I think !).

    I envisioned an "ET" coming upon this after an apocalypse. You'll note everything in the picture frame is made by man. Not just the doll.

    Like Jim W., I was also a bit mesmerized by this scene in a Huntsville alley, wondering how some kid lost her doll and abandoned her with such mortal indignity.

    I never moved the doll. Shot a whole roll of film.

    This is full frame. This also demonstrates what you can do with a 24mm lens.

    The amateur believes a "wide angle" lens is simply a tool to get "more trees in the pitcher !"

    Such is not the case.

    Roger Deakins, the famous award winning cinematographer  for the Coen Brothers, is arguably the best artist to demonstrate the use of the wide angle, from low to the ground, up !...

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