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"Head in the Clouds"...c.1972
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  •  James Ballard: 

    "Head in the Clouds"

    Jodi Robertson, Ft Lauderdale, Florida

    Ahh...Jodi...Very fond memories of her.

    Naysayers will say they can dup this on their pitiful "Photoshop". Oh really ?

    Hah !...Yeah, I'd like to see them dup the subtle tones, the texture, the grain...Right.

    This is a "sandwich". Two negatives. Layered together in the darkroom.

    Easy huh ?

    ...Well. It's labor, really. Thinking. Imagining. And an understanding of how light works. An understanding of converging proportions.

    And most important :

    Anticipating, while you are shooting, how you want the end result to look !

    Combine all that with luck. The clouds just right. The timing just right.

    Some shooters said I should've shot this with her nude.

    No. Not my point. Nude would serve only as a distraction. Besides, I didn't want some clueless dude gawking, and not seeing !

    If I'm going to manipulate the picture, then I'm going to manipulate the audience !...

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