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  •  James Ballard: 

    ...Nitza Yvette Santiago Rodriguez...Lake Worth, Florida.

    About once a week I would see Nitza and her siblings and friends on my street, all trailing after her mother to the local laundry.

    One time I was doing my laundry at the same time. I saw little Nitza standing alone with this big lollypop.

    A timeless portrait I could not resist. I gave her mother and Nitza a large blowup. Nitza signed one of my copies in large block letters. L/L.

    A friend told me Nitza's photo "belonged in a museum !"

    Her mother invited me in. I took more pics of Nitza's siblings, in & out of their home.

    Don't know what happened to them.

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James Ballard
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08.13.2017 (1997 days ago)
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